Blogging as storytelling

When I think of “multimedia storytelling” the first thing I think of are the blogs that I read. One in particular ( “tells the story” of the Seattle Fixed-gear bike scene, as it evolves and changes through time. This isn’t really a linear story or one that deals with only the Seattle community, rather it is a story that evolves over time and is influenced by other blogs (and other stroytellers for that matter). This blog uses a full range of mixed media, from twitter, to video, to text, to graphc arts etc. and also provides links to other blogs and a comments section.

Most wouldn’t consider what is essentially a news/hobby blog, as multimedia storytelling but, by reading multiple blog on the same subject you can see that they all approach things differently, from different locations and with different perspectives. Thus telling different stories.



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2 responses to “Blogging as storytelling

  1. Nate Celnik

    Zlog seems like a pretty sweet blog. Since it looks like it’s really popular (online store and all), I think it would be cool if it was more collaborative rather than just Zach posting.

    I like that he uses different media in the blog. Does he produce any of the videos?

    He should post the Biker Ghouls documentary I made a couple years ago!

  2. imsummers

    Yeah some of the videos he posts are from his own Vimeo account. Oh and you should send it to him, I know Zach and he knows a couple more people in Eugene so he may be interested.

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