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Well, to be honest I really do not know anything about multimedia storytelling.  I am sure that I have encountered it, possibly on a daily basis but I really don’t pay attention to things on-line.  I did google it, that’s right I love to google things, and I came up with only a little info on the topic.  Here is what I learned:  it can be nonlinear (and in most cases is always nonlinear), it is a combination of video, audio, photographs, articles, and any other medium that is out there, and there is some point to the piece (whether or not it is profane or simply silly). I still do not have a well understood opinion and I guess that is what I need to learn.  I however think that the purpose of multimedia storytelling is something that helps the viewer become more engaged in the topic and thus more likely to do something about said topic and/or even as simple as helping people understand other viewpoints.

Here is the website that I googled and got the most useful info and some examples:


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  1. That’s the same website that first came up for me. I thought some of the distinctions it made was interesting though. Like news websites have some multimedia aspects but they aren’t entirely because news websites don’t really combine all of the pieces for one story, they just use a little bit of everything. Interesting stuff…

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