A Multimedia Success

Captivating. Informative. Evocative. Illustrative. Humorous. Thought provoking.

Just as multimedia stories are composed of many elements, there are many contributing pieces that make those elements successful in telling a story. The aspects I have listed above are the aspects that I feel are important and necessary for a multimedia story to be successful.

But successful in what? Providing information? Making you laugh? Motivating you to do something? These are the questions I was considering when trying to decide what aspects of multimedia storytelling are successful. I feel that no matter what it is that I am after, be it entertainment, information or productive procrastination, the piece needs to be captivating, it needs to strike me in some way, it has to keep my attention, etc. I added humorous in there because too much of my life is too serious and I need something funny. Granted, that’s not always an option. But it should be.

Though we talked about the site in class, I wanted to bring up the website MediaStorm again. The website itself is a piece of multimedia where the subject or the story is multimedia storytelling. It compiles many other pieces of multimedia with additional stories. Based on my own explorations of the site, I believe it is quite successful in many ways.

And, because the Internet is the expansive beast that it is, here is a clip of a multimedia story from MediaStorm on YouTube


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