Effective Multimedia Storytelling

An effective multimedia storytelling piece catches and maintains the viewer’s/listener’s/audience’s attention. In other words, a successful multimedia story engages the audience. It can do this in a number of ways: sharing new information, tapping into the audience’s emotions or entertaining the audience, for example. For multimedia storytelling to meet the highest standards of excellence, the various media parts must also be excellent. If a well-planned, well-executed video is coupled with well-composed still photographs and mediocre audio content, the audio will bring the entire multimedia story down from an excellent piece to an average piece. Unlike most traditional forms of storytelling, multimedia storytelling doesn’t have to be linear in nature, but it should have a point or message that it tries to convey to the audience. Here are two examples of effective multimedia storytelling: Maledict Car, Profile in Style: Justin Timberlake.


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  1. imsummers

    I agree that having well done audio in a multimedia piece is something that is essential but, often looked over. Audio can really make or break a piece for me. Even if all the other multimedia aspects of the story are spot-on, if the audio is bad I will notice and be immediately distracted. In contrast, good clean audio will hold my attention much more, even if the rest of the multimedia is not as strong. Good job pointing out the need to pay attention to audio!

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