Multimedia storytelling

Multimedia storytelling, to me, is utilizing various forms of media to tell a story. Print media utilizes various forms of media (graphic design, photography, typography, writing and layout). However, print media cannot integrate items like sound, video and newer technologies like flash. This is where the technologically advanced multimedia storytelling comes in: showing the side of the story that print simply cannot.

The cover story of the 2009 issue of Flux Magazine told the story of a former University of Oregon student athlete graduating and gaining a job as a gospel choir teacher. While the print version used powerful imagery and great descriptions, it certainly didn’t allow the reader to hear the subject or his choir sing, which is an unbelievably important aspect of the story.

Flux made a huge push to provide multimedia sides to many of its stories. The cover story’s multimedia piece really helped to show important aspects of the story that the print version could not.

Gridiron to Gospel


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