Multimedia Storytelling Defined

Multimedia storytelling relates information, whether fictional or true, in narrative form to an audience using multiple media forms and/or outlets. These media forms include both how the story is presented, using audio, video, still images, animation, etc., and how it is distributed or viewed, using the Internet, television, live presentation/performance, etc. Most often I have encountered multimedia storytelling online on the New York Times website, although I’ve probably encountered it in other places as well. I particularly enjoy the audio slideshows the New York Times puts together about people and their cars. Here is an example: I’m not sure if this fully counts as an example of multimedia storytelling, but it fits my definition and understanding of the term.



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2 responses to “Multimedia Storytelling Defined

  1. michaelj333

    I enjoyed that video of the man and his Ford Mustang, great story. And I would definitely consider it multimedia storytelling.

  2. waterlily17

    I like how you said that it can be true or untrue. I didn’t think of that but you are so correct.

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