Storytelling with Multimedia

When I think of this concept, I think of documentaries and visual stories that include audio, video, still images or a combination of any of them. I love print art, and print publications but it would be naive to say that there is no need to take stories digital and give them a new feel. That is how the world is moving. Something that I really like is typography and working with it in a digital space. There are many videos online that are from movie openers that combine type with all of these elements and some original pieces that people have made also. Here is an example :



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2 responses to “Storytelling with Multimedia

  1. imsummers

    I think that using type and animation together in a video is particularly effective for creating a mood and telling a story. cool example.

  2. That certainly was an interesting clip for multimedia. What’s interesting about that piece is that it was used as an opener for a hollywood film. The creative minds behind Phonebooth obviously were hoping to inform viewers about the phone situation in NYC as a context for the rest of the film. They broke the style of the film for this segment – this is certainly an interesting approach to informing an audience, especially in a hollywood studio production.

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