To have a successful multimedia story, I feel like the story/piece needs to envoke something in the viewer to change, feel, think, do something different than when they sat down to view the story. Maybe it is a call to action or envokes an emotion. Maybe it relates people to one another or is just an incredible story worth sharing. In addition, for the story/piece to be successful, all the components need to be working together perfectly. Whether it’s image, music, video or all three, the balance and play between all pieces need to be right in order for everything to work.  Here is an example of a stroy that I think works very well. There is no need for the viewer to have previous knowledge of the subject and together all elements work for the story.



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2 responses to “Success

  1. alexstrack

    Good choice of multimedia package! Maybe I’m always thinking of sunrise and sunset (Fiddler on the Roof status?) but I really liked the movement from the dark to the light…how the printed words just told us specifically what was happening, while his voiceovers, and the video footage, took us inside each step of the process. It all flowed nicely, it incorporated all sorts of different media…..way cool.

  2. Nate Celnik

    I liked this one too. I thought the cinematography was great and came together seamlessly. The angles in each shot changed, but it wasn’t distracting.

    I also liked the change from dark to light. It definitely made for a more interesting viewing experience.

    I was able to watch without getting bored or thinking about how it could have been better. Good editing, successful media story.

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