Successful Multimedia Story

I think that what makes a good multimedia story is not dependent on one attribute, that is it needs to encompass many mediums in a smooth manner. It cannot have bad cuts and stop on a certain pictures for too long, it has to keep us going and building on itself until the end. The biggest thing I feel, is that the topic has to be interesting from the start, that is not to say that this always the case but to have a real impact on me as the viewer I have to be “pulled” into the story and if it is something dull, even if it is a multimedia story, I am still less likely to keep watching. I also think that camera angles and lighting all need to be used to help convey the topic matter so that it has more weight than if I haphazardly took a pic. It is a fine line however between a journalistic multimedia piece and just a music video. The music (if any) that is present needs to balance the piece and add emotional weight but not take over the piece and thus become a music video (which is really easy to end up with). It must be (in my opinion, interesting) and informative.

Ends up as a music video:

Too slow for me:

Interesting (to me):


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