Successful multimedia storytelling

How do you tell a successful multimedia story? Well, that all depends on the story – the message that needs to be conveyed. We can start with your straightforward story – human interest, news, sports, ect. There we need voice-overs, transitions, video clips, sometimes still shots and music. All these elements need to be combined in a way that the viewer can properly dissect. The interest of the viewer is also very important. Length and complexity of multimedia pieces must be adjusted in accordance with the audience.

But then take a multimedia story that uses parody as a way to tell a story. These kind of pieces can be simpler and use less editing tools, but viewer dissection is still key. Take this video of Obama, for example:

Obama Fly Swat

This multimedia story, which it is a story, believe it or not, is based upon parody. The point of the story is to provide a humorous slant on an odd piece of extraordinary popular news. Is it successful? I would argue it is. It brings light to the news issue, which as gained lots of play on television, and it’s pretty funny. Successful.



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2 responses to “Successful multimedia storytelling

  1. waterlily17

    I think that you are right on the money when you said that the piece has to be interesting and that it has to be edited well and for the viewer not the maker.

  2. michaelj333

    I agree, the piece was short and simple but still effective because it held my interest.

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