What’s a successful multimedia story?

A successful multimedia story has to be stimulating, interesting, and memorable. It should also take advantage of the multimedia resources available using video, still images, audio, text, etc. If it’s a video, going viral would certainly be a plus, but it might not be possible depending on the platform used to present it.
The example I think is a successful multimedia story is linked below. In 2007, The Oregonian made a multimedia package called “Living to the End.” It’s about Lovelle Svart, a former Oregonian employee, who shares her final months of life leading up to her doctor-assisted suicide.

The package is presented non-linearly in the sense that you can choose which videos to watch. They’re dated and numbered, though, so you can watch them in order if you want. The story is presented mostly through Lovelle’s video diaries. The final piece, however, is just a still image with audio recorded during her final moments.

This multimedia story is really powerful. I think The Oregonian did an amazing job.



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