I am tired right now….so I went with sports, which if you know me is not something that I enjoy watching. I found an article and a multimedia page about the Duck’s new uniforms but the interesting part is that I preferred the journalistic article. It seem that it had more information unlike the TV stations presentation. I felt that KMTR’s page with accompanying article was redundant and quite frankly boring, however when the TV stations make these pages they are meant to be changed often and not much attention is given to aesthetics (which was cluttered, repetitive (ads, pics…). The article was more informative but lacked “heart”. It did not seem as if the author was into the subject (and probably was not) and the article I felt was choppy. Probably normal for sports coverage.
Both pieces were short and it seemed that there was little information for the writers and TV crew had to go on other than colors etc.. and both suffered from that. Both are throw-away pieces for the audience and the creators.


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