Out with the old, in with the new?

When I did my search for one story from a traditional media format and then found the same story in a multimedia format, I was a bit disappointed. The story was interesting, but the multimedia package to accompany it seemed almost lazy.

Not that I expect that it is always this way, of course. But for this experience, it was a let down. The story is about older recruits and the challenges they present to the army “and vice versa.” I found the story very interesting in both traditional and new media, but the new media didn’t seem as impressive as it could have been.

What bothered me was that it had been classified by the New York Times as the multimedia piece, but it was only a slide show with short captions and excerpts from the original story in random order. Granted, it still told a pretty good story visually, but I was really hoping to see some video interview, video anything and some comments or something.

The way the slide show section is set up is pretty fitting for multimedia though, considering that there is a drop down menu with options of other multimedia stories to view. But I guess overall I was just hoping for a little bit more with this story. But multimedia takes many different forms and can be done in so many ways that I guess we’re not always going to get what we want out of it. Just the nature of the beast.



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3 responses to “Out with the old, in with the new?

  1. waterlily17

    I felt the same when I was looking. A lot of the multimedia pieces were not engaging. The one I found was about sports and I found that the article written for the newspaper was far more interesting.

  2. alexstrack

    I concur with both of you. This multimedia bit wasn’t as engaging as it may have been, but even so, it DID add an additional dimension of the story — the HOW. It’s one thing to read about older soldiers having to put up with young upstarts, but it’s another to see the young and older faces next to each other, clad in techno-camo and beige boots, doing the same grueling tasks under blazing heat in protective covering.

    We can read about the five Ws all we want, but for me, the additional photos really showed the HOW…the bits of life that pictures show that articles can’t go into detail about — that we must use our own minds to figure out.

  3. imsummers

    I think these stories bring up an interesting point, that if you don’t do a multimedia package well, regardless of how many graphs, videos, or sound clips it contains, it will still be uninteresting. I think this shows that most stories don’t call for a multimedia treatment, yet when they do it can be a powerful tool to tell a story.

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