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This story is about ice skating and how scientists “are looking at skating from every angle — biomechanics, physics, muscle conditioning, body fat, oxygen consumption, exercise-induced asthma” to help skaters prevent injuries during jumps.

For this story, I think the multimedia part is necessary to help the average reader understand it. The print version uses a lot of skating and anatomy terms that most people probably don’t understand. The video, however, shows the jumps or body parts as the narration describes them.

I also think the multimedia is better here because it demonstrates the technology used with the skaters. It wasn’t easy to grasp the concept while I read the story.

Although I think the video was necessary, I thought the narration was poorly done. I didn’t want to pay attention to what she was saying because of the way she read the lines. Finding someone with good delivery is important.

Some stories have to only be presented in print – like breaking news – but I think science features are a good example of ones that should have a multimedia counterpart.



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  1. Multimedia sure has the upper edge in SHOWING new technologies

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