Facebook’s now open to everyone

Facebook is going to be offer a feature in the near future, they will allow users to publish content that will be available to everyone on the web. The new feature has been only tested by beta testers thus far but they’re planning to release it soon. This feature is odd because originally Facebook only allowed users to interact with each other within the Facebook universe. Now the Facebook universe is expanding, and web users will be able to view content that was formerly only viewable by members. It’s an interesting turn in events, and I’m curious as to why Facebook is deciding to do this.

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2 responses to “Facebook’s now open to everyone

  1. imsummers

    Facebook is perhaps the most powerful social networking tool available today, and it makes sense that they wish to expand out. I think that Facebook is trying to be everyone’s homepage, a one-stop-shop for all your internet needs. I mean look already how they have integrated other aps like twitter and RSS feeds. To me it makes sense that Facebook wants to branch out further.

  2. Advert revenue…that’s why they opened facebook up to anybody (as opposed to only student).

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