New Media

As mentioned in class and by many others on posts before me, it’s very interesting and fascinating to see the growth of media and its possibilties with our generation. With Myspace and Facebook paving the way for social networking, I feel like it’s odd if I talk to someone who isn’t involved with either of them. Now with Twitter, the possibilities, conversations and connections made by these sites is astounding. What is interesting also, is the motives that people have for being a part of these sites. Some use for job purposes and networking while others use for friend interaction or self-promotion. I thought that Facebook and Myspace would stick around and be the leaders but it seems like with Twitter recently, it’s become the new craze and I am once again reminded of how quickly everything evolves and how there will always be something new. We are the generation of little patience and instant gratification! I wonder what is next but I am sure that when it happens, I’ll get some comments on Facebook and read some Tweets about it.



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2 responses to “New Media

  1. alexstrack

    OMG did u heer ubout mikal jakson? HE DYED. sooo manny facebuk statusses sayd so, so it mst be troo…. o except i dont know how he dyed so i hav 2 go reed it on sum s1te — LAME.

    Man, it’s Facebook and Twitter now…I wonder what will surface next. However, with social media, word does travel more quickly than it used to…

  2. waterlily17

    I feel that as technology continues there will be fad after fad and it will continue on this way forever. Just like fashion and soon facebook, myspace, and all the other unfashionable sites (in the future) will simply rename their sites so that the newer generations like them. Just like bell bottoms which a few years ago was renamed “flares” so that the teenagers would buy them.. I think that it is the same thing here.

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