New Media

Media has been a constant evolution. As discussed in class today, people have been using innovative methods to communicate for a long time. Technology and creativity have been the driving force for these constant media and multimedia evolutions.

Apple recently came out with a new version of the iPhone. Since the first iPhone, Apple has raised bar for cell phone technology and providers and cell phone manufacturers have been trying to keep up…thus far with minimal success. The iPhone 3G S sold more than 1 million units in the opening weekend. This is the sign of a technological revolution.

In addition to fast browsing speeds and new apps, the iPhone 3G S allows users to create video, edit it and upload it to the web all on the go.

This is not only impressive technology, but technology that will certainly shape the way people can communicate in quick and efficient ways. What will come next? Who knows.



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2 responses to “New Media

  1. At the rate things are going, I have a feeling that by the time all of us have kids in college they will be implanting computer chips into people’s corneas so that it’s like a live streaming video that gets sent straight to personal websites. How creepy would that be? Yikes.

    The iPhone is pretty amazing though and the fact that they keep coming up with ways to make it better just goes to show that technology may have no limits…

  2. gtracer7

    Like you (I assume it was you) mentioned in class, this may revolutionize civic journalism in areas where the international press is heavily restricted or banned and internet access monitored. Soon people in North Korea and other places in turmoil will be able to post news as it unfolds online in minutes, if those nations let the new iPhone in, that is.

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