Within a matter of one minute–literally 60 seconds–I had been informed twice that information had just popped up on twitter that Michael Jackson has died.

I immediately think back to the death of Heath Ledger. Within two hours of his death, it was all a couple of my friends could talk about. Somehow, I have a feeling this Michael Jackson information is going to bombard me at least twelve hundred times more before the buzz dies down (no pun intended…).

New media is really becoming an amazing thing. With Twitter, people are in social contact and are connected to the rest of the world (well, other tweeters at least) 24 hours a day. I don’t understand why someone would want to be THAT connected, but I suppose for information junkies, this may be a good thing.

For the sake of not bombarding the rest of you with any more Michael Jackson hoo-fla, here’s a funny video for you all!




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4 responses to “Tweet

  1. waterlily17

    Don’t forget that Farrah Fawcett also died today. I got that message from my mother who found it online earlier;but it seems that Micheal Jackson was the topic.

  2. waterlily17

    Thank you very much for the video. I it was so funny!

  3. gtracer7

    Hilarious and very true! A lot of the time Twitter is simply information overload. I wonder why I’m even on it! Really, who cares about what I’m doing every second of every day? Maybe it’s not about other people, it’s actually about us, the “twitterers” (tweeters?). It does seem, after all, that we tend to enjoy talking about ourselves. Indeed, Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and blogs are often more about self-promotion than connecting with friends.

  4. jordanbergstrom

    I agree! It’s crazy the amounts of conversations happening on Twitter and how fast something true or untrue can reach so many people.

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