Using Twitter to keep track of the Iran conflict, and buy furniture!

Hey Habitat! Twitter users aren’t as dumb as you think!

I saw this posted on Adadge’s Twitter and I think it is an excellent example of how not to use social networking as a marketing tool.

Yes, social networking has changed how advertisers advertise and marketers market but it has also changed the consumer and how they interrupt marketing and advertising messages. This new medium demands transparency.

Attn: companies! You cannot use the social networking sites that we have intimate knowledge of to try to trick us into buying your product or accept you 1,000 pound gift card offers. The consumer backlash is not worth the precious few you tricked into checking out your company and were tired of your back-peddaling respones of “um, we didn’t know what we were doing!” Obviously. If you don’t know the rules stay out of the social marketing game. You will not build your customer base, brand loyalty, or increse your profit margin, you wil, however, build resentment among the people you wish to persuade.


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