Amazon is iTuning the book industry

According to the attatched article, Amazon is now allowing users to create blogs and sell them to Kindel users. The catch? They take 70% of the revenue from these sales. Although I do believe Amazon should be entitled a small portion for inventing the technology and so forth, 70% is excessive. As the article puts it, “The idea that Amazon is getting 70¬†percent of subscription fees is crazy. This is like Sony saying they want 70 percent of what people pay for HBO because people watch it on a Sony television.” The fact that they are not the creators, but merely the gatekeepers of the content does, one would think, disallow them from generating such large profit off the text created by users. However, they seem to think that becuase it’s on their device they are entitled to said funds. I believe it’s excessive and somewhat greedy that now nearly every corporation has found a way to swindle money out of the internet and its users.

Don’t ITune Us


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