Cars and Multimedia

Since today was a free day I could not think of anything so while surfing through youtube I typed new multimedia and the first topic to pop up was cars and multimedia. Then I recalled that my mother bought a new Camry and contained within the dash was a screen that could do things like finding locations to finding people’s addresses and this got me to thinking what else is out there for a car in the way of multimedia?
Can you guess what I found?? That’s right, a complete system that can to what ever a computer can and I found that with enough money you could own this. It would be nice to have some of the features but I am reluctant to think of using this device while driving. Cool-huh- now you can always be connected (if that is what you want).


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  1. adamz253

    I like that they’re making cars more fun. However, some of these multimedia systems with film watching capabilities, music, nav systems and so forth seem to be fairly dangerous. They distract the driver, sometimes to the point in which they completely forget their surroundings. The advances in mobile technology are mind blowing, but at what point do these advances become superfluous?

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