Hypermedia vs. Multimedia

I instantly found myself confused and additional research didn’t help provide much clarity, so I will pass this somewhat perplexing comparison onto the rest of you…

Because today’s post is open topic, I put “multimedia” into Google just to see what would come up. And thus, I discovered “hypermedia.” The best that I could come up with for what exactly “hypermedia” is could be described as, “A combination of media whose locations are linked to provide an easy way to navigate documents.” This same source described “multimedia” as, “The presentation of information using text, graphics, animation, audio and  video.” Granted, this “source” that I found includes students talking back and forth in preparation for a test, but it appears that the information provided probably came from class notes or a study guide.

What I don’t understand is how they’re different exactly. I could see how multimedia may or may not be hypermedia as well depending on the style of multimedia that it is, but I would think that most hypermedia would be multimedia as well. There’s so much crossover between the two that I’m not sure about the purpose for having two separate categories.

Then again, maybe there’s a broader difference that I’m just not grasping here. Either way, it gave me something to write about. Anyway, just because this is somewhat dry, here’s an image that came up when I Googled “Hypermedia vs. Multimedia.” Enjoy!

This is kind of how I feel at this point...

This is kind of how I feel at this point...


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