Spezify – The Multimedia Search Engine

Looking around on notcot.org I discovered Spezify.com. It’s basically a multimedia search engine that brings content together from a broad range of sources, including blogs, video, images, news, reference sources, microblogs, online retailers, other search engines and more in a visual format. In a world where information is available in a broad array of media forms, it makes sense for search engines to look for information from multiple media at the same time and display them in one place. This concept is very different from the way Google and other search engines conduct searches, dividing searches into different media types like webpages, images, video and news. Here’s a sample search on Michael Jackson.



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2 responses to “Spezify – The Multimedia Search Engine

  1. Nate Celnik

    Wow! That is an awesome way to search! I love how it brings up videos, pictures, and tweets. It was fun to scroll around in all directions to find more info too.

    I think I’m going to start using it.

  2. Different search engines is certainly becoming a competitive field. Microsoft just came out with a new engine (bing) that is coming under fire because of how easy it is to search. The problem: there is no way to block content from children, which in the world on internet is a huge issue.

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