I hate to break it to everyone, but twitter is stupid. I know that “breaking” stories are found there and that entertaining comments abound, but the whole concept is bizarre. First off, people update the innocuous things they are doing as if the world is interested, “i just had a coffee” isn’t exactly riveting reading, but the even more ridiculous thing is that people eat this stuff up! And not just from celebrities “tweets” but from their friends as well. It is a way for us all to stay wholly connected without actually ever knowing who anyone is, just what they do. I understand that this phenom has swept the nation and that people are using twitter as a communication tool, but I have to think that eventually everyone will wake up and realize that the whole thing is bogus. Frankly, I think status updates are ridiculous as well, but at least those are connected to a persona with pictures and networking tools, and blogs. I just do not understand the fascination with twitter and I sincerely hope it will go away. Twitter is tremendously tiresome, to wit, a total waste of time.



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5 responses to “Twitterpated

  1. imsummers

    Twitter, as “stupid” as you seem to find it is merely a tool, a tool that can be used well or not. By just writing it off as some stupid fad you are denying yourself a tool that may serve you well in the future. I use twitter as a way to remotely send myself ideas when a pen and paper are unavailable and I use it to keep up with some blogs that I follow without mucking around with RSS feeds. I don’t use twitter to say “i just had coffee, woo!” so be careful overgeneralizing, it leads to close-mindedness.

    • sinyra

      Interesting warning on twitter. And stupid need not be in quotes, nor should “woo!” be included. Since this is a blog and hyperbole leads to interesting reading, I stand by what I said. Moreover, I would appreciate you not using one post to comment on how open or closed my mind is. That is rather heavy handed, don’t you think? This is a discussion for class, not a practice session for internet banter.

  2. imsummers

    Just to clarify “leads to close-mindedness” is a far cry from calling someone “close-minded”

    • imsummers

      And furthermore, being able to defend your opinions, and take criticism, are very real tool-sets one needs to develop if they wish to write for multimedia. My post was not straying from class guidelines in any way, I was merely responding to you opinion with my own.

  3. adamz253

    In general, I completely agree that Twitter is stupid, though in very few instances it can provide a beneficial service for some. Professional journalists in war zones, civilians in cities and countries that are being bombed or attacked, for instance. Aside from that, however, I fully agree that someone posting on the mundane details of their daily lives only further feeds the voyeurism that the internet allows. In some instances it’s definitely a worth while tool that can lead to the positive diffusion of information. In many instances, though, Twitter can easily be labeled as Stupid.

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