cool image, turned to video, with a little Beasties.

This video is from New York photographer J. Martinez. It documents just a little Sunday riding in NYC.

I think this video is successful for a number of reasons.  I guess the most striking thing about this “video” is that it is in fact just a collection of over 3,000 still images. I also like how the color is toned down to an almost sepia-toned level, giving it a cool feel.  It has a number of different shots, at different angles, and at different spots giving it enough variance that it isnt boring.

The sound in this piece definatly adds to the “New Yorker” feel. By using A Beastie Boys track it, not only drives the video, but helps to establish that this is New york and these are New Yorkers.



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3 responses to “cool image, turned to video, with a little Beasties.

  1. I’m pretty impressed. I had to reread your entry because I thought you had said that the video was compiled of still images and when I watched it, there wasn’t much “still” about it. Very cool technique with the still imagery, color tone and audio.

  2. gtracer7

    Very impressive indeed! I can’t believe those are all still images. Martinez must have filled several cards when he took all those shots. I’m sure the editing process was intense.

  3. waterlily17

    Very Awesome! That is not only a compilation of stills but it can also be considered experimental animation! Yeah, that’s right I said animation which is just a sequence of still images compiled together. Animation rocks!

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