Differentiating Good Images from the Mediocre Ones

Images surround us and even bombard us on a daily basis, especially in the form of advertising. Out of the thousands of images, both moving and still, that we encounter everyday, what makes some images capture our attention more than others? First, something about the image/video must capture the viewer’s attention. This attention-grabbing aspect can come in many forms, such as the familiar face of a celebrity, use of color, beauty, text in the image, a peculiar setting or subject, interesting facial expressions or body language, and composition. Second, composition is key to an effective image. Framing makes a subject stand out or divides the image into separate scenes. The rule of thirds (and/or ground thirds) creates images that are more pleasing to the eye and direct the viewer’s focus. For video and multimedia packages, sound is a way to support the visuals. Sound creates a  sense of emotion and provides added information to the visual information provided by the video. It also gives a better sense of setting (e.g. traffic sounds or music from a concert). Here is an example of an effective image that captures the viewer’s attention with color and celebrities’ faces and employs good composition techniques: Disney Parks Ad Campaign. Here is an example of an effective video that uses sound and different types of shots to convey the event and setting well: Inside Time Attack.


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