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Thinking of this topic, I was immediately thinking that as a viewer, if we watch a video or interact with a photo and it is not successful or doesn’t make sense, we will move on. It’s just the way we all have become. Often also, with the capabilities of technology and the outlets that these pieces are seen on (youtube, hulu, vimeo, etc) people will make comments about other people’s pieces. If something is missing or not working , you will usually find out about it pretty quickly. Getting into the content though, if we as a viewer don’t see a logical story from beginning to end or can’t see what something is trying to represent then we often feel confused and think that it just doesn’t work. I think sometimes that pieces can also be ineffective and unsuccessful if you think the director/photographer is trying too hard. Maybe they are using all these crazy shots with high-angle after low-angle with running and panning. Or maybe they shoot their whole piece in extreme close-up. Usually after a few seconds of that and there is no change, someone is going to get uncomfortable or not like it and click away from your piece. I think sometimes in videos I see that people are trying to be really artistic or original and the choices they make for sound and camera shots completely distract from it.

In a piece I found, I think it worked overall. The narration paired with the still images was satisfying to me. Since it was about these soldiers and their experiences with the war, hearing one of their voices narrate instead of a reporter made me feel like I was getting a true story and like I was sort of there with them. I think because it is a sensitive issue, video in this instance might have been too much. I liked the balance. You can find the link below:


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