Successful image/video

There are several aspects that can make or break both image/video and everyone has their own preferences but I will just state what I have been taught.
-Content, Content, Content! What do you want to convey? If your idea is weak the finished product will be weak. Planning and content!
-The rule of thirds is vital to composition and it helps to focus the viewer and helps them to flow through the piece.
-Composition and color can also make a huge difference. Like said in class you can frame up a shot and later notice that there is a light pole sticking out of a persons head, that would be distracting and cause the frame to be unbalanced (and as such hard or bizarre to look at).
If the color in a shot is too contrasting such as, you want to take a picture of the green woods and then a red bird flys by.. The red in the scene is all that people will be able to focus on (if you do not want the bird to be the focus).
If the colors are really close hues like monochromatic than the image will look drab and unintereseting. the viewer will dimiss the image.
-Lighting is profound! It can add emotion and meaning but can also cause a picture to go terribly wrong if it is not used correctly. As in, if I want to take a picture of my grandma knitting in her arm chair in the living room; the lighting might look normal to my eye but when I take the shot the lighting can dim the image or color it, yellowing etc.. If a spot is oversaturated with light than my image can end up washed out and sometimes blurry. If there is too much shadow/or the light source is from right above and object then the shadows can make it too contrasting and at times it can create unsettling emotions. It is vital that lighting should be treated as an important object.
-Audio can either help to reinforce what a person is going for in a video or it can completely take over. If the music is in the background and it helps support the mood of the scene and not become the focus than the whole piece is stronger for it but if the music is too loud and too strong/distracting the image and audio will not seem like they belong. You must always be careful NOT to create a music video which sometimes happens when putting music/audio to visual.

There is so much more but I think for these purposes I have captured the most important items.

I found a video that i felt was of course Awesome and contained all the shots that we have been studying and very funny so the content is great. Enjoy,


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