That’s right, a bowling video

I have a confession. I’m one of those nerdy folks who has been on a bowling league since I was in middle school and will probably continue to be on a league for quite some time. What does this have to do with video? Well, it doesn’t really except for the video above of the dude who can bowl better backward than I can forward.

In order to talk about what makes a successful video, I wanted to have a video I could use as an example and I figured it was time to get away from technology side of things. A successful video (or compilation of video clips) includes video clips with varying angles, shots and sound in a way that makes sense. What “makes sense” I suppose is debatable, but for the video above, let’s say that what “makes sense” is showing a variety of imagery, including discussion as well as action, and having the clips be relatively short (I’ve noticed that much longer than about 15 seconds on one clip starts to feel a little long).

The video above uses good positioning for interviews when you consider the rule of thirds and it includes a good variety of camera shots. I think the most effective in this case are the mid shots/long shots when the guy is actually bowling. He’s well positioned within the frame and in the background you can still see the pins be obliterated (the pins are also well positioned within the frame, if you again note rule of thirds).

As for sound, anyone who’s been in a bowling alley knows that it can be a little obnoxious but in this case I kind of like it because it sets the atmosphere without being to obtrusive. One of the things that  also did with this video was watch it without the sound to help me dissect the video parts a bit. Pretty strange and pretty boring without the sound.



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4 responses to “That’s right, a bowling video

  1. imsummers

    first off, that guy is awesome. Secondly I think this video is a good example of how to put together a “newsy” interview piece. A bunch of short, varying clips, mixed with interviews and a voice over seems to tell a story quickly and clearly.
    The problem is that this style of video has been done so many times that its almost painful to watch (or more in particular, hear) because of the super-cheezy reporter voice over ad the stupid quips he makes. “he will be going forward, i mean uh, backwards…” c’mon seriously? Thats why newspapers are struggling to survive, its that their reporters lack creativity and talent.

  2. Yeah, but when you consider how cheesy bowling can be anyway, it almost fits to have the rest of it be like that. But I agree, not the most original format but still some pretty sweet bowling shots.

  3. jordanbergstrom

    This guy is funny! I agree, I like the background noise and atmosphere. It makes me feel like I am there and we all have seen the extreme guys like this one where you say ” uhhh, how did he do that?!”

  4. adamz253

    I like this video a lot because it feels like a news piece, but at the same time it’s light-hearted. It incorporates interviews, b-roll, and other elements in a way that tells the story visually as well as with the use of words.

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