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Only Sleeping

Nestled on a tranquil, tree-covered hill in South Eugene, the Eugene Masonic Cemetery is a real “country cemetery left in the city” – one of the few left in Oregon – and its ‘residents’ still have stories of the past to share with visitors today.

Find out more at, or stop by and explore at the corner of 25th and University in Eugene.



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Finding Fire

Check out a behind-the-scenes preview of the Fall issue of Ethos Magazine August 1st at
Or see it early at Ethos at the Alley – a free event featuring live music, prizes and drink specials at Agate Alley Bistro on July 30th from 9 pm – 2 am. Ethos at the Alley!

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Little City, BIG Dog Park

Despite booming from a large town into a small city, Bend, Oregon keeps up it’s old time Fourth of July tradition: turning downtown into an all out pet extravaganza!


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Family Ties in Florence

Celebrating Independence Day and Birthdays with the Gibson Family in Florence, Oregon. Small-town America at its finest.

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Eugene, Oregon and it’s surrounding area boast some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. This video seeks to showcase that beauty. For more information about outdoor activities in Oregon, visit


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The Feel Good Closet

Volunteers are at the heart of nonprofit organizations. Sara Asher, a volunteer for Ophelia’s Place, gave her time, energy and heart to a project to help girls feel good about themselves. The Feel Good Closet is the result of her continuing efforts. Asher holds Feel Good Closet events for girls at Ophelia’s Place, a local nonprofit organization that creates a safe community for girls ages 10-18.

The Feel Good Closet allows girls to choose fashionable clothes, regardless of size, and at no financial cost. For each event, the closet is stuffed with clothes donated by individuals and companies throughout the community.

Asher saw where she had more than she needed, and where some girls didn’t have enough. The closet plays into the social issues involving financial standings and personal appearance. The Feel Good Closet events allow girls to forget any financial struggles their families may be experiencing and gives them the opportunity to silence what the media says is beautiful or attractive. With Asher’s hard work and support from Ophelia’s Place, girls are encouraged to feel good about who they are, how they look, and what they have to offer the world.


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An Art Study

Why do you do what you do?
That is a question that we must all ask ourselves. I was talking to an art professor and he asked me what is the purpose of my art or rather why am I drawn to the images that I create? I really had no answer so I wanted to discover that reason. I thought that I knew why but I figured that I would ask family and friends and rethink my reasoning and here is the result.

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