Advice from Bob

Story about where we, as investigative journalists, get our information:

Three tracks:


            Not one person, but a half a dozen at least for a day story.

            Longer story, lots of people to ‘saturate the subject”


            Always enhance and add more detail, no matter what medium

 First hand experience-

             Tells an anecdotal story about checking things first hand.

          When he was a young reporter and he got a good lead on a story from some people about a coffee shop in a hotel being shut down. He wrote about it, even found the health departments documents on their many violations, and gave it to his editor. His editor asked, “have you been there?” and he said, “No…” and the editor said, “it’s 2 and a half blocks away, get your ass outta the chair and get over there.” When he showed up at the Mayflower hotel asking about the Mayflower coffee shop they said they didn’t have one and he realized that this coffee shop was actually in a different Hotel, just with the same name. If he hadn’t checked, they would have run a front page story with the wrong hotel name and then had to run a front page correction.


Investigative reporting will always be around and in his opinion it is now up to “the young people” to find different venues and business schemes for it, but these are three good tools.


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  1. gtracer7

    What ever happened to Bob? He had Watergate and that’s about all we ever heard from him. Very good points, especially about the documents and the first-hand experience. It’s usually better to have too much information than not enough.

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