Avoid annoyances

A successful image or video is one that the viewer doesn’t have to think about. When I see a video and don’t think about the angles or lighting confusion, I think it was successful — all content aside.

In terms of composition, filmmakers who follow the rule of thirds make the viewing experience easy. I don’t like when my eyes have to dart around the screen to figure out what’s going on.

This image shows how the tree is on the intersection of two lines.

Finally, I think the most annoying mistake filmmakers can make is not following continuity. When someone walks out of the right side of the frame, they shouldn’t walk back in on the same side. In addition, with conversations, they should always follow the 180-degree rule. When filming a conversation from the side, you can’t cross the imaginary line and reverse the position of the people in the frame.



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2 responses to “Avoid annoyances

  1. sinyra

    This stuff seems like it’s a no brainer but it’s not. 🙂 thanks for posting this.

  2. Great examples! Ground thirds is one of the most difficult techniques to master but is absolutely an imperative skill.

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