Covering a Global Crisis

In this video, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times talks about covering a global crisis.

First, he talks about safety.

  • The first rule of reporting is to make it back alive
  • Don’t wander around by yourself
  • Always listen to local people
  • (Especially if you’re in a slum) carry a decoy wallet with a small amount of cash. If you get robbed, you can give it to them so they leave. Keep your passport and other money in a hidden location.

How to find and tell a great story:

  • Personalize the story. Americans don’t care about thousands of people with a problem, but can relate to one person.
    • Find a person to drive the narrative and tell the story. It will make the viewer relate and think about the larger problem.
  • Interview a lot of people. You’ll end up not using 90% of your content, but you’ll find a sparkling lead that will draw the viewer in.
  • Do your homework
    • Talk to lots of experts and check what they say versus what’s actually happening there.
    • Remember that victims can lie too. Always double- or triple-check their stories
      • It’s okay to be skeptical even if they’re good people.

And finally, he says to be very careful to make sure you don’t become a tragic part of the humanitarian crisis you’re trying to cover.



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2 responses to “Covering a Global Crisis

  1. sinyra

    My teacher Carla lived in New York for a while and she carried a decoy wallet for mugging. She only used it once,but she did need it. She said that 20 is the amount that should be the wallet because less makes them annoyed, and more makes them think you’ve got stuff of more value.

  2. imsummers

    Not dying, always good advice.

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