Free topic: A website as Multi media

A well designed web site is the epitome of multi media. complicated websites have pictures, text, flash animations, video, music… But just because they are complicated doesn’t mean they are good. In fact, often they are not, being too crowded for to hard to navigate, which is why I say a well designed web site it’s what makes the grade. Having those extra bits is great and really aids the experience, but the real challenge in multi media is how to put it all together.

For example, the new way that the large news corporations are presenting the news. CNN has this “cool” screen where they can zoom in and out of pictures, display holograms and such, but instead of helping to deliver the news, if news you would even call it, it actually distracts the viewer. This is why I much prefer their website. It has all the information, and the video/text that I like to access, but it isn’t crowded. The news room should take a hint from their web disigners.


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