Michael Isikoff “How to Get Behind the Story”

When talking about getting “behind the story” he says, with his experience at Newsweek:

– With a story, the higher the stakes, the higher the controversy, the more waves it will make.

– If it is a potentially big story, you have to be super careful. Go the extra mile to nail every thread down.

– Good, solid, information will breakthrough. People know if you’ve got something really good. They know that you have documents that you can prove a question of current controversy or you have interviewed a new key player in the story to get you that information.

– If it is important and it’s really solid information, people will know you are valid.

– With interviewing, never take “No” for an answer. If you suspect there’s a big story and if the stakes are big, it’s worth your effort to keep working and keep plugging your sources for stories.


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