NPR’s Scott Simon: How to Tell a Story

Scott Simon goes through and explains the qualities a story should have. He starts by explaining that the story must have a point (this is like our short, concise ‘what is the story about’). The point is not a lesson or a moral, but more something people can take away from the story. If people take nothing away from a story, than that person has failed. 

Simon also says that giving vivid details that really tell the story is important…those details become things that the viewer can then tell to others. 

Simon emphasizes the importance of the beginning of a story. No matter how good a story, if the beginning doesn’t not engage the viewers, then the story is lost. Once the story starts, it must be told in short, breathable sections. If the story is broken down into a rhythm of sorts, then the viewer will be able to keep up. One thing to ensure this happens is to avoid dependent clauses that will confuse of disengage the viewer. Attempt to speak conversationally. 

Finally, Simon explains you must have fun and be engaged in the story you are telling. No matter how a story is told, your love and passion for the story will come through and be passed along to the viewer.


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  1. sinyra

    I love Scott Simon. Mainly cause I love NPR. I hope that radio journalism doesn’t become totally defunct as multimedia becomes the norm.

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