Pulitzer center: Tips for Video Journalists

This video is the Associate Director at the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting speaking on what the Pulitzer foundation expects from their video reporters as they go out and shoot video for thier stories. Some of the important points were….

-Think carefully about how you can tell your story through strictly visual elements, although some stories may not lend themselves to visual representation. Some stories, such as those about abstract theories or statistics are examples.

-Make a clear outline about what you want to illustrate to your audience, think about what background information they would need to understand the context and what would be the best way to produce this evidence.

-Think about what characters are in your story. “A good piece of journalism almost always has a strong character to lead us through the story.”

-Think about which information should come from outside observers, experts, and those directly affected by the situation.

-Find images and/or video that accompanies the points your interviewer is speaking about. This allows people to see the actual impact an react for themselves, rather than being told about it.

-Avoid talking heads, becuase eventually the viewer will become bored with watching the same person talking for an extended period of time.

-The key to video is to use images to give us as much extra information as possible, so the golden rule is that one can never have enough “B-Roll”, or video that illustrates points that an expert is talking about other than the expert themselves. Be sure this footage is relevant to the topic and is visually engaging. Capture small details, as well as the greater picture.

The Video


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