quality multimedia

There are many components that go into a successful multimedia piece, but in my opinion it comes down a combination of elements fitting together. For example, in this very short but famous youtube clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8O-KMlKwtE)  there isn’t a wide variety of shots and the single shot there is, is extraordinarily important. But without the sound effects, the humor would be diluted. 

My point: shot length, shot pov, content, and sound (wether it be diegetic or non-diegetic) need to all bleed together to create a successful, quality multimedia piece.


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  1. adamz253

    I agree with this, I think in multimedia it’s not so much about the pieces individually as it is about the whole package. Ever piece must function cohesively with the others in order to form a successful package.

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