Every kid wants to be an astronaut, or a doctor, or and actress when they grow up, but few of us have the passion, the talent, or the commitment to live out our childhood dreams. I spoke with a girl today who does.
Sabrina Black sits comfortably in her computer chair, head phones dangling around her neck, waiting for my questions with the confidant ease that comes from knowing how to interview, although most often from my end.

Sabrina chilling at her computer

Sabrina chilling at her computer

We are class mates in the J school and I’ve always thought of her as contained and able. She takes notes while I surf the web. When our teacher needs an answer, its Sabrina she turns too. At the beginning of our interview today I said, “I know your name, it’s Sabrina. You’re called on a lot.” She smiled and said self-deprecatingly, “I know. I talk a lot.” She has never come off as a know it all but definitely one to watch and I was surprised to find that she was quirky behind her good student facade.
Sabrina is from the small town of Junction City, Oregon. It has only 5,000 people. She and her two sisters grew up knowing everyone, her younger sister being known more as “Sabrina’s sister” than Holli. From the age of 7 she knew she wanted to be a writer. But not a boring writer, no “Babysiter’s Club” junk for her, Sabrina liked R L Stein’s “Goosebumps” and mystery novels. “I’ve always wanted to write young-adult books and I thought this would change as I got older, but it hasn’t. I just remember being in middle school and have the hardest time finding books I liked. I’d read them and think, ‘pssshhh, I could do better than this.'” She tells me she hates researching, which a lot of adult novels require, so young adult is the perfect genre.
I ask her about how she resarches as a journalist, if she hates researching so much. “I perfer doing projects that focus on one person, really getting to know that person and then going from there. This assignment is perfect actually.” And it is. Her article about me is already posted, and it’s a good one. I have perfect faith that with her, living her dreams is a possibility.


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