Successful Storytelling

What makes a successful multimedia story is the use of multimedia. Multimedia stories can be crowded with special effects or buttons or too many pictures and in this way the media isn’t aiding the story. A good story has all the pieces needed plus a little more, not a ton. Just like any good story, the subject should be engaging on it’s own first, otherwise why bother? This is not to say it has to be important or life changing, although thats great, often the most popular stories are just for fun or are parodies, but regardless of what it’s about the subject has to be interesting. As already stated the use of multimedia has to make sense and add to the story either by giving additional information or interesting visuals. Media for medias sake can take away from a story so one need to be careful of that.

Here’s an example of multimedia use that is pretty good:

This is obviously a cheeky way to teach entomology but her multi media use makes it interesting to watch. The pictures coming in and out of the frame give a good visual and add to the story rather then detract. Some of the noise is a little too loud and the money flipping is slightly distracting, but over all it is a pretty good use of multimedia to help tell a story.


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