A brother’s torment


A Brother’s Torment
Having an older sister can be a burden for any boy. Nate Celnik was born in 1987 and had the unlucky misfortune of being the second child and what is worse than that, his older sibling was a girl.
People often think that girls are all sugar and spice but that is just a cover to the torment that girls can inflict. When asked of a childhood memory Nate confesses that he has a fear of spit.
“My sister and I shared a room until I was in fifth grade and she was in eighth and needless to say she did not enjoy this at all. Neither did I. What’s worse is that we had bunk beds and she had the top bunk. It was the kind of bunk beds where the top is twin and the bottom was a full and I was often scared that the top bed was going to fall on me”, he related with a smile.
She used to help this fear along with little sisterly taunts and jeers.
“I was so scared that the top bunk was going to fall that I would always sleep on the edge of the bottom bunk. You know that space where the bottom bunk is not under the top bunk. I never wanted to be under it”.
Of course as older sisters do they use this to their advantage, for what is a fear that you cannot exploit?
“So, I thought that I was safe but it turns out that my sister used this for her own fun. At times she would lean over the rail and taunt me with spit”, he said with a queasy smile. “ I mean the kind of spit that you let down and you think that it is going to get on you and then she sucked it back in”, he fidgets a little at the thought of this. “It was so gross”!
Being a younger sibling can be a though trial but having an older sister is worse. They taunt you and tease you and find ways to get at you, but through all that sibling rivalry the bonds that are made are strong and that’s why we look back and smile at those little memories, perhaps with a little fear of spit.


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  1. imsummers

    Nice, I like telling one story to describe Nate, as it is a very telling story. I guess I can relate a bit, having a sister 3 years older than me and going through similar childhood torment. I guess my sister and I got over it though, as we are the best of friends now.

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