From D Street to… The story of Jordan Bergstrom


Within minimal driving distance of Oregon Mountains, the West Coast Ocean, and the beautiful, northwest cities Jordan Bergstrom found herself tied to the Willamette Valley.

Born and raised in Springfield, Jordan determined the University of Oregon offered her a great educational opportunity right next door to her hometown. A combination of the University being close to home and having an exceptional journalism program, Jordan picked Oregon over the prestigious Pepperdine University, which only offered schooling in communication (as opposed to journalism).

Jordan was born to Steve and Julie Bergstrom as an only child in 1986 on D Street in Springfield. Four years later her sister Jenna entered the world. All the kids on D Street would meet in Thurston Park, located directly behind the neighborhood, where they would play kickball and live out their childhood. Perhaps these D Street  memories that even today lock a smile on her face, framed by her long, straight blonde hair, contributed to Jordan’s desire to stay close to home.

While at Thurston High School, Jordan found her passion for journalism working on the school newspaper and yearbook. While journalism has many components, Jordan found the design side of things to be most interesting. It’s no surprise that once she started her collegiate career, she stumbled upon the multimedia minor where she could learn to produce more applicable content and sharpen her design skills. 

Going to school close to home didn’t keep Jordan under her parent’s roof though. Her freshman year she lived in the dorms with some friends and the following two years lived off campus with them. However, last summer Jordan earned an internship with a documentary film company called Northwest Documentary Arts and Media. There, as the sole intern, she took on the full responsibility of designing the nonprofits company’s catalogues, websites, and various other mediums for the Portland based firm.

Jordan is now back with her parents as she finishes her multimedia minor – she already has completed her requirements within the School of Journalism & Communication. Come the end of Fall, Jordan will walk away from Oregon with a degree in Advertising and a minor in communication. But then what?

Don’t expect to find her playing kickball on D Street again. She hopes to move to Portland or somewhere in California to dive into the advertising world. She thus far has the most experience in print design, so she hopes to use those skills to get her foot in the door. Once in the door, it would be no surprise to find Jordan working as an art director for Widen and Kennedy.


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