Getting to know Adam Noack.

IMG_5720 George Fox University was too small. Oregon State University just didn’t feel right. The University of Oregon, however, was perfect. Senior Adam Noack, a Lake Oswego native, decided on attending the U of O after being disappointed with these other sub-par Oregon schools. George Fox lacked the programs he was looking for. It also lacked a decent sports program, and an exciting campus life. OSU seemed too unprofessional, literature was riddled with misspellings and the tour guides were borderline inept.

Noack was looking for a school with a strong advertising program, as well as a small school feeling with all the large school benefits. And the UO fit just these needs.

Through high school Noack worked on the staff of his high school year book doing design work and writing body copy. After the affirmation from his peers that his design and copy writing were well done he decided on pursuing a double major in both advertising and digital art. While at the University, he sharpened his design skills, built up a portfolio, and applied for the digital art major. Unfortunately, this request was denied. According to the director of the program, his work was good but he was rejected due to the fact that his work was primarily based in design, not art. Noack considers himself arty, but not that artsy. So perhaps this was a a beneficial development.
It was this turning point at which Noack decided to pursue an advertising major, and keep digital art as a minor.


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