Editing Critique: The Ninth Floor

While watching “The Ninth Floor” I was struck by how effectively Dimmick uses sound, text and blank frames of black to convey emotion, especially the depressing nature of the subject’s lives. The parts of the multimedia package that I found particularly emotional were not the heart-wrenching images of the drug addicts themselves, but the moments when the screen goes completely black while the dialogue/voiceover, sound effects and background music play on. I’ve never seen anyone use blank space so effectively. Dimmick also matches transitions (mostly cross fades and cuts) and text entrances and movement with the beats of the music, which creates a heightened sense of emotion and intensity. Toward the end, as a glimmer of hope appears, Dimmick allows the images to remain on display longer and the transitions seem less abrupt while the music becomes lighter and happier. Again, very good blend of transitions, sound and blank space to evoke a specific emotional response from the viewer.


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  1. I’m also kind of surprised sometimes at how powerful a black screen can be if the audio is really powerful and it’s following a particularly strong image. It really creates a lot of tension and for a story like “the ninth floor” I’m sure it’s quite a powerful technique.

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