Editing sequence

So, I love to watch these things! I went to mediastorm and came across some packages about the genocide and rape of women in Africa. I am drawn to those kind of pieces. So what I learned was:
-For dramatic effect and to help the tension build they used a black screen and then images flash by and the black screen comes back and so on. The images move by quickly and hint at motion.
-A lot of the heavy emotional pieces about war and rape are hard cut (no transitions). It adds a heavy feeling
-The colors (if any) are chosen very carefully and black and white are prevalent which helps the viewer to become more active in the piece and have more emotions about the image. Ex: A dead man in color or black and white.. I am more moved by the black and white. Maybe that becasue death is that way.
-The pictures were organized in a way that in the first pic all the weight of the picture would be on one side and then the next picture would be on the other side. The creators of the package not only took good pictures but put it together in a way to make the whole piece balanced.
-the use of light plays a factor. When some one or an event had little hope the image would be darker and when there was hope an image with a light would show up but the light was small or the image would be a little lighter.
-Images with more heavy emotions stayed on the screen longer but sometimes we would move within them.
-EYES! A lot of painful eyes helps to create depth and concern and having a package that holds so much weight, the eyes keep you from looking away.

There is so much editing that goes on that I think I only scratched the surface. Here are the two pieces that I felt touched by and like the editing:


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  1. I just realized that we watched one of the same videos although the one that I watched was pretty much all color. When I have a little more time I should check out the other link you gave and look at some of the differences. Either way, what heartbreaking stories…

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