I too, looked at the piece “The Ninth Floor.” I was immediately interested in this story when I saw the title. As I began watching and learned it was about a group of people addicted to drugs , I thought it might be a really heavy piece. Although it is in some spots because of the images and just some of the things people are doing, it really kept my attention. Music was a big part of this piece and it was noticeable right away in the opening scene. Still images fade in and out and appear on the beat of the music. Next, there are minute or so of text lines that appear on the screen. Again, cued right up to the music. The still images are powerful and tell the story. They introduce individuals and start the voiceover, where you hear their story from their voice. The piece continues like this with still photos fading in and out and music mixing with voice-over. I think it really works for this piece and with it being 13 minutes long, it kept me interested. You can find it here:



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  1. gtracer7

    The beginning of the piece was pretty heavy and it almost made me sick to see how horrible the life of an addict can be. As hard as the images of the ninth floor apartment were to watch, they made the hope of a new life for the one couple at the end that much more powerful. And yet, Dimmock created a very smooth transition from the depressing beginning to the more optimistic ending. It was so smooth I’m not even sure how she did it exactly…I’ll have to look again.

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