In transition

After watching a couple of multimedia videos, one from the New York Times website and the other from MediaStorm, I have to say that I’m a little confused about how people choose their transition styles.

Though the two pieces that I watched were incredibly different, I noticed that they both primarily consisted of hard cut transitions, though there seemed to be some fades and dissolves in places that I didn’t entirely understand. I kept look for a pattern, a style, or a theme–something to indicate why the transitions were made how they were and I’m still slightly baffled.

The piece from MediaStorm I thought I may have figured out until I got to the end of the 15-minute video and discovered that it wasn’t as consistent as I thought it was. I watched Intended Consequences (talk about devastating!) and tried to note what transitions were made and how. I thought at first maybe each new person was introduced through a fade-in transition and then all of the associated photos or video had hard cuts. When that didn’t hold consistent, I watched some of the piece again to try to figure it out. Though there still may be some pattern to it, I wasn’t so keen as to pick up exactly what that was.

And the NYT video wasn’t terribly exciting nor did the transitions explain much. Mostly all hard cuts with the only fade transition that made sense being at the end. I guess sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

As for the rest of the editing sequence, the Intended Consequences piece had some very strong photography and that was really exemplified in the way that the photos were combined with audio and just a few clips of video. Kind of difficult to say much else though since I consider transitions between photos or clips to be one of the most important aspects about editing.


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