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I was looking on the Oregonian’s sight and was exploring their multimedia section. Instead of going for the more traditional ones like we have been looking at I clicked on one called “2008: Year in Pictures.” What I was surprised to find was a grid of different photos to click and expand. I figured it would just be a regular slideshow to flip through and look but instead there is a feature where you can get commentary from the photographer who shot the photo. When I clicked to listen to one, the photographer talked about the story of that day and how he has watched this athlete before and some of the quirky things he does. I thought this was a cool twist on the multimedia package with still photos. You can look at them alone, or choose to play the audio as well and get a story. You can find the main page here:


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  1. Nate Celnik

    Wow I’ve never seen anything like that. That is really cool to include the commentary like that. A photo already tells a great story, so including the commentary for people who want to know more is a fun idea.

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