Fictitious Multimedia

It didn’t occur to me before further exploring MediaStorm that people use multimedia techniques to tell fictitious stories as well as news stories. Makes perfect sense and now that I think about it you can see it everywhere, sometimes moreso than with news stories, documentary pieces or information pieces. That being said though, I wouldn’t necessarily consider movies or films to be multimedia necessarily, so for the sake of argument I’m just going to classify movies and films as separate beasts entirely, though they certainly contain multimedia aspects. (For those who strongly disagree, I will say that watching a DVD is definitely considered multimedia because of the number of options you have for special features, scene selection, language, etc.–It’s the freedom to choose what you want to watch and how you want to watch it.)

The story that I found on MediaStorm is called The Party. I have to say that it’s a very strange and actually kind of disturbing 10-minute story. Not something I would have ever expected to find on MediaStorm. Despite this story’s strange/disturbing qualities, it’s still interesting to see how multimedia is used here. There’s the video, there’s a brief written piece by the writer/director, and there’s room for comments (of which there are plenty, both praising the video and criticizing MediaStorm for its presence there). It was kind of nice to see multimedia used in a creative, fictitious way even though I have to say I didn’t care for the story as much.



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4 responses to “Fictitious Multimedia

  1. imsummers

    Yeah I check out that Multimedia package also, and in hindsight I think it would have maybe been cool to do something fictitious for my project. It may be a technique to keep in mind further down the road though, like a multimedia ad campaign maybe?

  2. waterlily17

    I agree with the multimedia ad campaign but worry that too many people will fall prey to companies. I know that most people hold documentaries and the like to be true and honest representations of a story but that is not true. I just think that it would have to be used wisely and viewed wisely

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