Media Storm: Rape of a Nation

For today’s free post I decided to look at a Media Storm package, in particular Rape of a Nation. This package is about the Congo and the fact that the death toll has now risen to 5.2 million people. This is the largest death toll of any war since World War II. This package used increadibly powerful black and white photography along with color video to tell stories of natural resource theft, rape, murder, and the general devistation that happens every day. The interplay of color and the gray scale work to keep the eye interested. The package exclusively uses hard cuts, which works for the content. Disolves and other transitions may have felt forced or out of place with this content and mood. The entire package functions exceptionally well.

The Package:

Rape of a Nation


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One response to “Media Storm: Rape of a Nation

  1. waterlily17

    That one I saw yesterday and it was compelling and horribly sad.

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